Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 UFO Challenge Year In Review

  12. Purple/Aqua

This was the UFO for December. I got the top put together, but I am not sure if I am going to use the fabric that came with it for borders. I am going to be on the hunt a bit longer.

  1. Mountain Mystery

This quilt I ended up completely redoing. I did not like my fabric choices. This was a mystery quilt done at my LQS and fabric was provided. They were not really in my colour palette and I definitely spent more than I should have buying them. I had bought a layer cake of  Portobello Market for another quilt, and ended up using it for this quilt. It was definitely more cost effective and I love it so much more. It will be mine when it is finished.

      2.Wandering Star

       This is another quilt that under went a few transformations. It was originally for some one else, than became my nephew's and then I changed the block 3 times before I decided on a zigzag quilt completely out of half square triangles. It was missing something, and the light blue from my stash made all the difference.

      3. Butterfly Blooms

This is a quilt kit that I bought a few years ago for my niece. The quilting is done, and I just need to put the binding on to it.

 I decided that I wanted the focus to be on the butterflies, not the flowers and the quilter did some wonderful quilting.

My daughter has now requested that I make this same quilt for her.

       4. Jelly Roll Sampler

This quilt top is finished. It top me a long time to decide how to set it and once I picked out some sashing fabric that I liked for it ; I liked the original setting. It has a tiny cut in it from the rotary cutter and once I have that fixed it can be quilted.

      5. Tulip

My third quilt that was changed three times. Ironically, I fell in love with the Plan C pattern by Miss Rosie Quilts and ended up making it a table top size. Borders are needed now.

     6. Fresh

All finished and for me.

    7.   Red/Aqua

I was scared at first of all the colour which I know is surprising for me. Now that it is together, it has become one of my favourites, though I think I say that of everything.

    8. Cherry

I liked this quilt so much which I made using one charm pack that I decided to find some more fabric to make it bigger and have set it aside for now.

9. Cameo

The original pattern I had chosen for this quilt did not complement the fabric I had picked out.  I got the Unwind pattern from Julie of Jaybird Quilts and I like it much better now. The top is finished ; another one to be quilted.

10. Snowmen

This quilt is completely finished and I love it. Snowmen are one of my favourite things

11. Snowman Applique

This is the only one I did not do any sewing on though I did get all the fabric cut out. I have put it back onto my list for 2012.

I am quite happy with all the progress I made. Looking back I chose huge projects for whom I did not like the patterns I had chosen. Quite a bit of time was spent getting them on the right track. This year most of my projects are slower, and ones that I am happy with, they just need to get sewn.

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JCnNC said...

I love all of your wonderful finishes. I took one off my list just because I no longer loved it so will give it to a loving home now for completion. Looking forward to following you 2012 progress. Judy C