Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sewing for Children

Lately, I have been doing a lot of sewing for children. It has been fun to branch from the same old, same old but I love it so much, quilting.

My friend recently became a grandmother and I made her a bib based on the tutorial by Sew She Sews.

I showed my daughter the Sewing with Kids classes that Amy was doing on her blog. My daughter was very interested and we made the pincushion together. She decided that it makes a great pillow for her dolls so now we are going to be making a quilt for them as well. We stuffed the pillow with fabric scraps and she thought that was really neat.

My daughter also decided on Friday night that I needed to make her a tool belt for some recently acquired Handy Manny tools. I designed the tool belt myself and her and I were both happy with the results. My daughter told me that it was good that I knew how to quilt otherwise, I would never have known how to make the tool belt. I am happy to keep making her things, if it gets me quilting time too.

Don't despair about the quilting though. I finally figured out yesterday what to do with some fabric I have had for years.


Myra said...

Oh what fun!! For you and your daughter!! 8-)
Cute bib!

Ariane said...

Such cute projects. It's fun to sew with the kids. Maybe one day she will quilt too!!