One word

I have seen a couple of different groups talking about choosing a word for the year which reflects something you want to focus on in 2011. I thought I would play along too, and did some thinking about what my word would be. I came up with the word:


To me, it means being more true to myself in my quilting, making time for myself, and organizing myself better so that I have less stress. One of the things I did this weekend for myself was meet Ariane for coffee/tea. We had a great time and she gave me this beautiful mug rug, along with a beautiful cup and saucer.

She is so amazingly talented. She wrapped it up in snowmen fabric, and I love snowmen. She also made a beautiful purse for my daughter which I have to admit I already borrowed yesterday.

I am hoping by focusing on myself, I will better be able to support and help the people I care for. I'll let you know how I do.


Terry said…
Good word you chose! :0)
Barb said…
I like your word...and so glad that you two are friends, she did a beautiful mug rug for you.
sewmeow said…
Wonderful word. We women are always so busy taking care of others, thinking about others...we need to think of "us" too. This will really do it.
Lee said…
I was thinking the same thing myself. Lucky you to meet Ariane. Neat when two worlds come together isn't it. And she brought you presents too!
Michele Pacey said…
Michelle, what a great word you chose! And I've already commented on my sister's mug rug but it is pretty isn't it? good for you!

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