Friday, December 17, 2010

Arch nemesis

This block more commonly known as the asterisk block is my arch nemesis. It is the October block, for my Sew Modern Quilt Bee. We were given fabric to make 2 of them. The first time I tried the block I had left the selvage end on because I was trying to use the least amount of fabric possible because the scraps were asked to be returned. Well, I  had not left enough of the end and the selvage would have become part of the block. So then I cut off the selvage end and then tried it a second time. Still not enough. Set it aside and worked on my quilts that had to go to the quilter's. Picked it up for a 3 time, found some other instructions for it and managed to struggle through. Last week, started working on the second one.  Got busy and picked it up again on the weekend to finish. Can't find part of the fabric. Look everywhere. All my quilting bee stuff is organized together so I knew it had to be in my quilting room. Still can't find it. Ask my daughter who is a fabric hoarder. No, she did not take it. Then my son pipes up, are you looking for a green piece? Yes, I say. Well, it turns out he had taken it to use to make a net for his air hockey table. My husband found the fabric on the floor all  covered in tape, assumed it was garbage and through it out! So short story long, that's how the asterisk block became my arch nemesis.

I am hoping to rectify this tonight as I am participating in the Friday Night Sew-In. I will finally finish the long saga of the asterisk block and hopefully get to work on some of my other bee blocks.


Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

Good Luck Michelle! You can do it :)

Peg said...

Now isn't that frustrating - I reached over the other day to put some threads in my NEW thread-catcher - can't find it anywhere. Grizz thinks it fell in the garbage and her threw it out!! Big sigh!!!

sewmeow said...

I finally learned to move my trash can to a place where it is "safe" from stuff falling into it. I've lost seam rippers, scissors, spools of thread from one of my "sewing helpers" knocking them off into the trash can.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love that block Michelle.