Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Bee Beautiful Blocks

I finished my January Bee Beautiful Blocks for Rebekah. They were fun to make. Different for me too, as I like getting the right answer, and with these blocks there is no wrong answer, just your own creativity.  The other blocks made are beautiful and I hope these will fit in nicely.

Last night I started organizing my PHD for Myra's Challenge. I have 2 new quilts I want to make this spring, other than that I want to work on my PHD. I counted and 5 of them are meant for me which is why they aren't finished yet. Things for me I usually set aside when other projects demand my attention. 

I have also figured out away to reduce the number of my PHD. I need 2 quilting rooms; one with all my fabric and supplies and the other that has my sewing machine, and cutting table and nothing else in it. As I am working away on my sewing machine now, I can hear the fabric and projects whispering to me. As I put my eyes on some of them, I come up with new ideas and sometimes stop what I am doing to try the new idea out. That's why I need an empty room to sew in! Tomorrow I will show one of my PHD as a work in progress.