Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creative sneeze

"The creative itch about to explode into a sneeze" - Numb3rs, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt

I turned this quote from intellectual to creative. It really got my attention when I heard it on Sunday. That is what Sunday felt like for me. I finally got my dad's bento box quilt put together, minus one row where I have to fix a mistake. The backing is organized and now needs to be sewn. I really like it because it has circles on the back, and the quilter has been called.

I also started working on the pinwheel baby quilt for a baby girl that was born in the spring. I have half of the blocks done. I tried something different by pinning graph paper on top of the squares rather than marking lines. It worked pretty well. I also managed to find backing in my stash that will go well with the quilt.

I finally figured out what to make with my Fresh charm packs. I am going to make the Criss Cross quilt . The pattern is by Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts and inspiration is also found by Ang of My Three Sons and Ashley of Film in the Fridge. I wanted to originally make Amy's ZigZag quilt along but the charm packs have very little red in them and I wanted to use what I have. I am going to pick out some other fabrics to make the zigzag quilt.

Lastly, I pulled out an PHD (project half done) from a couple of years ago. I had some problems with it because it was originally a baby quilt pattern and I was enlarging it to make a lap quilt size and made a mathematical error. I have some extra fabric now to fix it and I am going to put it together.

By Monday, the sneeze was gone and I sat on the couch catching up on my shows. Then yesterday, I found out that a friend of mine who I knew was going to be retiring sometime in the next year and a half has decided to retire at the end of December. Luckily, I already have the pattern and fabric for her quilt, plus it is a very simple but pretty design.

I will put up pictures later. Both of my cameras have no battery power at the moment.

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angela said...

Whoa - quite a sneeze! I love Fresh and can't wait to see the quilt that comes out of your charm packs!