Friday, February 7, 2014

On The Needles

I got my sock problem figured out. I went back to the store where I got my sock yarn and the woman who works there told me that yes, socks can take more than one ball to make.

I bought another ball, and then couldn't resist buying another 3 balls of the same yarn in a very pretty colourway. I am back to knitting again and it will be perfect to do while watching the Olympics!

Go Canada Go!

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Terry said...

That yarn you bought is so yummy! I love it! :0)

Ramona said...

Oooh... Both yarns are so pretty!

Dar said...

I really, really love the 3 skeins of yarn you brought home. They will make a great pair of socks or anything, for that matter.

Barb said... the yarn....