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Silver and Gold

One of my favourite songs:

Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver, and the other gold.

Well, I have some new friends (aka projects) and some golden friends.

These 2 projects are the other quilts for my friend with 3 daughters.

This is a kit  that I have had for a few years now. When I got it, I knew it came with pink instead of red but I never could seem the right person to make it for.  Earlier this year I had decided to just use the fabric for something else. I am so happy now that I have found the perfect girl for this quilt.

I had a hard time deciding for my friend's oldest daughter. I started off with a pink and yellow scheme, and I first thought about doing another log cabin but decided there was too many other quilts I wanted to try. I then thought about the pineapple block. I liked the idea of using the 1 1/2 inch strips in a completely different way. Then I remembered the Cameos quilt pattern I have which is based on the pineapple block. I dug into my stash and…

Buzzing Bees

As part of Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge, I said I would get my bee blocks done. They have been buzzing around me for a bit. I was able to get all 3 of them done.

August Bee Beautiful

September Bee Beautiful

September Sew Modern

I am very happy to have these done. Now, I need to get my fabric kits ready for October. It is my month for the Bee Beautiful group.

Fabric Friday and more Fs

I have been purchasing fabric for my Bee Beautiful month which is October. Along the way, I have picked up some other fabrics.

I love the Miss Jump's Scrapbag fabric. I used it for my dad's quilt and I found a new local quilt store, and picked these up while there.

Castle Peeps by Lizzy House is another one of my favourites. I bought a fat quarter bundle in the blue line and now I am looking to get the rest.

This picture did not show the true colour of the fabric. It is a deep and vibrant purple.

I finally bought myself some Bubblegum Basics that I have been admiring for so long from Jane's Fabrics. I also had been wanting the Meadowsweet Dots when my nephew told me he wanted a red, and orange quilt. Now he has changed his mind to blue, yellow and green but the dots will still come in handy.

Once again, I am participating in the Friday Night Sew-In. I have been to busy to sew lately, but I am starting to get back into the groove so I have no idea what I am going to work on…

Design Wall Monday

Here is the progress made on my Log Cabin quilt. I have been having fun watching it come together. Most of the fabric is from my stash except for 2 fat quarters. I love the visual impact that Log Cabins have.

I have been spending sometime trying to organize my quilting for Christmas. It always seems to come to early even though it is the same time every year. I think I have a plan in place. See more Design Wall Mondays at Patchwork Times.

Log Cabin Love

I have decided to make quilts for my friend's 3 daughters. I love children's quilts the best and it has been so much fun figuring out what patterns I am going to use.  One of them I decided on was a Log Cabin. I have had a baby log cabin pattern for a long time and I have always wanted to make it. I made a Log Cabin years ago but because the strips were bigger I had less layouts to choose from. This log cabin uses 1 1/2 inch strips so I am excited about all the possibilities.

I got a great package in the mail yesterday.  I had entered a giveaway on RennaLily's blog and won a set of Barb Sackel fat quarters.

I also won this cute cross-stitch pattern in August from Andrea. My daughter has claimed it as something I need to make for her.

I am off to enjoy the last long weekend before school starts here with hopefully some quilting mixed in. Have a great weekend!